Posted by: Laurie | February 23, 2010

An Introduction…

Who are we?

We are Mark and Laurie – we have been married for (almost) nine years and we have two sons: six year old Anthony and not-quite two year old Benjamin.

Mark is 31 years old and loves to hunt up recipes for Laurie to try.  He works full-time and is a fully involved dad.  He takes care of the kids on the weekends that Laurie has to work and is really into computers.

Laurie is 30 years old and loves to try the recipes Marks hunts up.  She works almost full-time and thinks her kids have hung the moon.  She likes to cut the grass and cross-stitch.

What are we doing this for?

This blog is mainly for our family and friends who always want us to email them our recipes.  We tell someone, “Oh, we tried this recipe last night and it was delicious!” and invariably they will want the recipe.  The only problem is, we usually make alterations to just about every recipe we find, so we thought it would be easier to have one place for them to go to and find the original recipe along with our modifications – and then they can leave a comment once they’ve tried the recipe to let us know what they think!

What are we  hoping to accomplish here?

We’d like to try one new set of recipes per week, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.  For example, last week I (Laurie) cooked Sweet and Sour Chicken, Ginger Fried Rice, and Asian Green Beans.  When I make that meal again, I’ll share the recipes here, citing their original source, and note the modifications I made.

We also hope to post our own original recipes here.  We make a mean gumbo, red beans and rice, jambalaya, and a few other recipes that we have altered so many times (and whose source is usually a family recipe) that we consider it to be our own.

Sometimes our fare (like tonight’s meal) will be a basic meal that requires no true recipe.  But it’s a good combination for a meal and may give you an idea for your own meal!

We hope you’ll stick around, as we’ve got tons of recipes in our arsenal, and many blogs and cookbooks to dig through to find more!



  1. I’m in.

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