Posted by: Laurie | November 24, 2010

Eggnog Fudge

Mark stumbled upon this recipe last year just before our New Year’s Day party at our house. We made a double batch, and people ate it like crazy!

We have been assigned an appetizer and dessert to bring to my uncle’s house tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner. Since my uncle was one of those people eating this up last year, I figured I’d make it again!

The eggnog in this recipe is very, very strong, so if you don’t love eggnog, I don’t suggest trying this!

Eggnog Fudge
adapted from Recipe Girl
2 C granulated sugar
1/2 C butter
3/4 cup dairy eggnog
12 oz white chocolate chips
1/2 tsp nutmeg
7 oz jar marshmallow creme
1 tsp rum extract (optional)

Line an 8-inch square pan with aluminum foil. Butter the foil.

In a heavy, 3-quart saucepan combine sugar, butter and eggnog. Bring to a rolling boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Continue boiling 8 to 10 minutes (or until a candy thermometer reaches 234 degrees F), stirring constantly to avoid scorching. Remove from heat.

Using a wooden spoon, work quickly to stir in white chocolate and nutmeg until chocolate is melted and smooth. Stir in marshmallow creme and rum extract. Beat until well blended and then pour into prepared pan. Sprinkle a little nutmeg over the top.

Let stand at room temperature until cooled. Refrigerate if you’d like to speed up the process. When completely cool, cut into small squares. Store in a covered container.

(Sorry…no pictures of the finished product…it’s still cooling!)


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