We are Mark, Laurie, Anthony and Benjamin.  A little family of four in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who love to cook and eat.

Mark is great at “specialty” dishes.  He can cook anything, but I especially love his fish and steak recipes.

Laurie does more of the basics: chicken, gumbo, red beans, spaghetti sauce – and most of these she learned from watching her parents cook.

Anthony is six and loves dinosaurs.  He eats many different things, but will probably go down in our family history as “the picky one”.  Don’t let that fool you: he eats most of what we serve.  But if he had his choice, we’d eat spaghetti and meatsauce every night.

Benjamin is almost two and loves dogs.  He will eat ANYTHING you put in front of him, except pickles.  Our favorite thing to say is, “Please don’t feed The Beast pickles!”

We love to try new recipes and see what modifications we would make – almost every recipe we try doesn’t have enough pepper or other seasonings in it.  We laugh when a recipe calls for a “scant teaspoon” of pepper.

Another thing we love to do is try recipes that folks email to us.  We’re not afraid to try something new and if the recipe is terrible, we’re not afraid to say so, or work it out until it tastes right.


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